Terms of use

General statement

We have put together our terms of use to explain how our services work and the limitations and restrictions that you, the person registering to use this website to use. We will refer to you as the 'user' or 'you' and us as 'we' or 'Creative Films' or 'view.' or Creative Experiences Ltd' throughout this page.

Service provided by us

View provides an internet based website platform to allow viewing of shows filmed by Creative Films on behalf of dance and theatre schools. All licensing of any featured material is under the responsibility of the school / company hiring Creative Films. Our service runs on the website view.creative-films.net.

Streaming Devices

Films on this website can be streamed using any web browser on mobile phones, tables, laptops, computers and other media with a browser. the use of Airplay is also possible and other Android/windows equivelant enabled devices.


Before viewing any shows on our website we require you to register. During the registration process we will ask for some information about you and the person appearing in the film. We manage this information in accordance with our privacy policy.

Sharing of login details

To protect the students appearing in our films sharing of your login details is stricly forbidden. Please do not allow others to login with your credentials entered during the registration process. We monitor concurrent connections and reserve the right to restrict your account should we detect multiple concurrent connections.


Our website features SSL encryption ensuring all data transferred is protected. Check for the HTTPS and padlock in your browser address bar.

Availability of service

Our website is generally available 24/7 365 days per year. Occassionally our site requires maintenance and can also experience temporary problems. Usually, outages are very short and only a matter of minutes however we accept no liability for unavailability of any kind.